A Beauty Or A Beast?

From generation to generation, men have become noticeably less hairy. I guess it is genetically natural as men started wearing warm clothing and the basic need of body hair as protection became somewhat non-existent. Today, men have become a lot keener on positive image portrayal and being an excessively hairy man doesn't exactly render the manliness quotient on the same scale it did once upon a time.
hairy men

Think about it. What is your reaction when going to the beach and seeing an excessively hairy gentleman take off his shirt? It's a bear, it's a beast, it's Big Foot. No, it's simply a very hairy man. Most people, however, will grin when men take off their shirts and they witness a thick layer of body hair draping their entire chests and backs. Obviously this is an extreme case, but with body hair being useless, it is perfectly acceptable for today's men to trim or even eliminate it.

eliminating body hair
Eliminating excess body hair is simple and fast. The most common ways of getting rid of chest and back hair are with hot wax, liquid Neet, electrolysis, and shaving. The most common method used for the genital area and armpits is trimming with a clipper or scissors.

Some men argue that if you are born with body hair, then you should live with it and let it grow. Getting rid of chest hairs, however, can be hygienically and aesthetically beneficial.

Grooming armpits will undoubtedly improve personal hygiene as bushy underarms can generate extra heat and will most often result in heavier perspiration. For aerodynamic purposes, many athletes remove underarm hair completely. The idea is simple; your armpits will breathe easier and less anti-perspirant or deodorant is required.

It is also aesthetically pleasing to see well-maintained underarms than very bushy ones. Notice that in most magazine ads or television shows, the male star strutting his armpits won't have a very thick display of hair. It is simply more attractive and it gives an impression of tidiness and cleanliness.

A simple way to rid of excess hair is to use scissors or clippers and cut the length as well as the density of underarm hair. It takes approximately 5 minutes once or twice a month. It also emits a very fresh and maintained image; it may even save you a few dollars on deodorant!

chest and back
Back hair and chest hair should also be maintained as they become too long and too dense. When body hair grows too long it can be troublesome and get tangled in clothing or even in zippers which can spawn painful reactions (just like when removing a Band-aid). Just as with underarm hair, the thicker it grows, the more heat it produces and the faster body odor starts to develop. A quick and simple trim of chest and back hair is a quick and easy solution.

Shaving or waxing one's chest has become more and more common. It's likely due to the general image of the male sex symbol in present mainstream advertising and movies: a confident man with a hairless and well-sculpted body being adored by very attractive women. It's all marketing, but it works as more and more men are becoming fit and getting rid of their chest hair. Removing chest hair allows for muscles to shine as their definition is more apparent.

Trimming your genital area will profit your personal hygiene, your appearance and it may even spice up your sex life. The hygiene factor is the same as with the above mentioned body parts; the less hair is present, the less risk you have of overheating or sweating excessively. As for aesthetics and the quality of your sex life, chances are that you and your partner are the only ones who will see the difference. To prove my point on how it might improve your sex life just ask yourself one question: do you prefer when your partner's genital area is groomed or when it is unkempt and hairy?

Grooming your body hair is definitely a positive step towards being more presentable. Take the extra time before taking a shower and trim yourself clean.

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