How To Wear A Shirt

Half of men wear clothes that are the wrong size for them. “Some men pick shirts that are too big because they want to be comfortable in them, while others may buy shirts that are too small because they want a sleek, tapered look,” says Geoff Quinn, CEO of T.M. Lewin. “A shirt must be a middle ground of comfort and look.” Here’s how to find your fit.

If you’re big built, avoid small collars, which exaggerate the neck size. “The higher collar, often fastened with two buttons at the neck, subliminally reduces your neck size, especially when worn without a tie,” Quinn says. Conversely, if you’re smaller, avoid large collars, which will “shrink” your head.

A shoulder seam in the right spot will help the appearance of your posture, making you look tall and your shoulders square. “It should start at the end of your shoulder, where it just begins to curve down into your arm,” says Quinn. A shoulder seam too far down your arm makes you look as if you are slouching.

Your body shape changes as you stand, bend or sit. “So you want about 10cm of space around your waist to allow for movement and shrinkage,” Quinn says. This measurement is roomy without making your shirt look excessively baggy. It’ll also help to accommodate your gut after a heavy dinner.

If you’re looking to break away from button cuffs, the double (or “French”) cuff has made a massive return to favour. “The cuff should just cover your wrist bone, otherwise the sleeve is too long or too short,” Quinn says. It should fit snugly enough to hold its place on the wrist without appearing to be as tight as a bracelet.

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