Live And Let Dye!

Color therapy needn't be the refuge of bleary-eyed hippies. Here are six
ways in which a splash of color will improve your life

Putting up some orange can galvanize your brain. "Studies show people are more productive in orange rooms," says color specialist Mark Wentworth ( "It's a useful mix of energizing red and creative yellow, so it can boost energy levels." This should hopefully stop you wasting your time on Facebook.

Make it blue. Research by the University of Alberta in Canada shows this simple choice can make your blood pressure drop. "And it gives the impression you're a loyal, consistent and moderate thinker," says color therapist Jean Andrew (

Vote green for your screen. "Research shows that it calms and reassures us," says Wentworth, "probably because when our ancestors saw a sea of lush greenery, they knew they weren't going to starve." Andrew agrees: "Green is great for a balanced, calm view."

4. TIE
Ever wondered why Blair, Bush et al sport red ties? Studies by the University of Rochester in the U.S. found that red signals dominance. "A red tie asserts authority, especially with a black suit," says Andrew. "It makes the wearer appear more assertive."

If you want your boss to take notice, give your presentation a yellow cover: "Studies show this improves concentration and makes people take notice," says Andrew. "That's why yellow is used for legal pads." And why you can't look the girl from accounts in the eye when she's wearing that mustard V-neck.

6. INK
If you want to be enigmatic, stay on the black path. "Black is all colors absorbed and narrows your silhouette," says Suzy Chiazzari, author of The Complete Book of Color. Cornell University in the U.S. found it to be the color of "authority and power." Perfect for "hands off" notes in the fridge.

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