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Fat Burning Foods - The Kiwi Fruit

Dieting seems to be a difficult route for many of us to take. The plans are confusing, the exercises difficult to imitate and the motivation too hard to find – what’s a dieter to do?

Thankfully, science has tried to make it a little easier on us by discovering that some foods are actually good for burning fat – even without a special diet plan.

Adding foods that burn fat to your diet can not only help you achieve a slimmer physique, but they can also ensure that you don’t have to work too hard.

Foods that burn fat are sometimes surprising while others make sense because they’re so healthy to begin with. Here’s a list of the various foods that burn fat and why they’re supposed to work:

Foods that Contain Vitamin C

Because the body requires vitamin C to burn fat, eating foods that are high in vitamin C is said to help metabolize fat faster and make losing weight less difficult. You might want to try eating more oranges, pineapple, grapefruit, lemons, limes, green peppers, red, peppers, etc. These foods that burn fat are tasty and have few calories too to help increase the health in your diet.

Foods High in Fiber

Fibre is a fat burning food

When you eat more fiber, your stomach thinks that it’s fuller than it actually is. And while this isn’t quite like foods than burn fat, it lessens the amount of overall calories that you can ingest, which leads to fat loss.

You’ll want to choose foods like complex carbohydrates, beans, carrots, etc. when you’re looking for high fiber foods. Even just adding a high fiber cereal in the morning can help boost your fat loss efforts.

Green Tea

While tea doesn’t really fall into foods that can assist in fat burning, it certainly can help you find a slimmer new you. Because green tea contains caffeine, it’s a natural stimulant that can help your body burn more calories while at rest – meaning that you can burn fat without doing a thing.

But it also includes ECCG compounds that are also supposed to help boost your metabolism as well. You can find green tea supplements as well as normal tea bags in your local grocery store.

Dairy Foods

Dairy Products can assist in fat burning

According to new research, it seems that dairy products are the latest foods that burn fat. Studies have shown that dairy suppresses a fat producing hormone called calcitrol. By drinking two to three glasses of low fat milk each day or eating a few servings of low fat cheese or yogurt, you can help to suppress that hormone and make fat burning a breeze.

Hot and Spicy Foods

When you eat foods like jalapenos or hot peppers, you stoke the fat burning fires in your body. What happens is that a chemical is released into your body that increases your metabolism, if only for a short while.

By eating more spicy foods that burn fat, you can have tasty meals without the added guilt. Just add a little Tabasco sauce to your eggs in the morning or to your soup at night for all the kick your body needs.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water can assist in fat burning

Water helps to rid the body of toxins and chemicals that make be slowing down your overall metabolism.

By drinking at least six glasses a day, you can make sure that your digestion is running smoothly and that anything that shouldn’t be in your body is eliminated.

This water intake will also help you feel full longer, which allows you to eat less and lose more weight. Many times our hunger is really just thirst in disguise.

High Protein Foods

Protein – While you might already think this because of the Atkins Diet, protein is thought to help increase your metabolism. Eating protein rich foods that burn fat will help you give your diet an edge. All you need to do is choose low fat protein items (and this includes soy-based items if you’re vegetarian) for each meal of the day.

Foods that burn fat are tasty and easy to add to your daily diet. With a little diet renovation, you can create a daily eating plan that’s working for you, instead of against you.

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