Best Skin Care Products for Men -- What's in Them?

A precursor to that question might be, why should men care about skin care products for men in the first place? And I would answer by pointing out that men can easily develop bags under their eyes. In fact some do relatively early in their adult life, making them look much older than their actual years.

But take heart because break-through advances are revolutionizing skin care science and technology, giving rise to natural products that are so effective, they literally change the way men (and women) think about themselves. No longer is it necessary to live with dark bags and wrinkles under the eyes, because several new state-of-the-art natural, non-toxic ingredients have been shown effective in getting rid of them.

Three of these ingredients are introduced in this article. My web site has more information on these plus several other cutting edge compounds -- all derived from natural sources.

The first ingredient is a compound composed of three active substances: hesperedin methyl, chalcone, and two peptide chains. This powerhouse ingredient alone can make dark circles under the eyes disappear in four to eight weeks. In clinical studies involving volunteers between the ages of 40 and 60 years with chronic bags under their eyes, 65% all but lost their bags in under a month, and the remainder showed marked and measurable improvement within two months.

The second of these ingredients effectively reduces dark circles by targeting accumulated hemoglobin and other waste products in delicate under-the-eye skin. As we age, the blood circulation system under the eyes can start leaking, which causes unsightly blue-red pigmentation to appear. This particular ingredient reverses that occurrence by thickening the skin and at the same time boosting blood circulation.

Ingredient number three is a natural substance that’s extracted from Canadian algae. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, it reverses the aging process of the skin by stimulating cellular growth and rejuvenating the skin at a molecular level.

As mentioned above, you’ll find more information on this web site ( about these and many other powerful ingredients contained in what I consider to be the best available line of skin care products for men, and for women as well. The manufacturer of these products has gone to great lengths in sourcing the finest, most effective natural compounds and substances, and has synergistically combined them in high concentration formulas that deliver lasting results.

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